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Look, Up In The Sky! It’s A Cup Noodles Drone!

Vishal Khan

Sep 5, 2014

Most of us feel nostalgic looking at a container of cup noodles. Memories of school and college rushing back to our mind. Taking that break from class, going down to the canteen, and for the lack of finding anything that is remotely as good, ordering some cup noodles. Not just that, memories of being alone at home, lazily pouring some boiling hot water in a cup and, abracadabra, lunch is served.

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The Idea

Playing along their campaign tagline, “You never know when you’ll get hungry”, the Japanese ad agency responsible for the ideation and execution of the campaign, sent drones across the city of Brazil. All dressed in the form of chicken, cow, corn and shrimp with a hot piping serving of the cup noodles. The costumes were intelligently chosen to reflect on the different flavors they offer.

The Target Audience

The agency got candid reactions from the unalarmed crowd and made an interesting, fun video of it. Concentrating on the young generation of people that formed most of their target audience in the United States of America, Dentsu charted the marketing plan to capture the imagination of the same age group in Brazil. This had them fly the drones in areas that were known for adventure sports finding the likes of surfers, skateboarders and skyliners.

The Result

Whether the reactions look genuine or staged is an arguable notion, but what is for certain is the kind of progress this campaign has made for them. Dentsu seems to have recorded an increase in the number of Facebook fans by 108%. The sales have also jumped by 6 million cups of salty soup, according to the agency.







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