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Let Your Drone Walk Your Dog For You

Vishal Khan

Jun 18, 2014

If you absolutely hate waking up in the wee hours of the morning just to take your moody pet out for a walk, then the following will be of immense interest to you.

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Envisioning a fanciful way of how we may someday be able to take our dogs outside and let them do their business without actually being present at the scene, Jeff Myers has a fascinating idea to share.

Walking Your Dogs

Conceptualized by a videographer named Jeff Myers, this clip shows how drones may be able to walk your dog for you in the near future. Of course, there are the cons like how a golden retriever is strong enough to run off with a drone at will. And also that there isn’t exactly a point of owning a dog if you’re only going to automate the whole experience, but let’s focus on the good for a while.

No Software

Ever since the video went sort of viral, many companies have reached out to Myers to find out if the software is in fact, real. Sadly, it isn’t, and the video was made by tying the dog’s leash to a drone which he flew around the neighborhood through his smartphone.

Well-Trained Dog

In Myer’s case, his dog was rather well-trained so there were no issues to misconduct on her part, and she was freaked out enough by what was happening that she just went along with it. Another issue that comes to mind though, is what if the dog ends up really liking the drone as dogs always like the people who walk them the most?

Future Applications

Either way, the technology could be a huge help on days when it’s raining or snowing, and also to track the position of your pet. The one-minute long video has a sort of amusement to it, and perhaps that’s why the idea seems rather captivating overall.









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