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Katy Perry Is Now The Twitter Queen


Vishal Khan

Feb 4, 2014

The 29 year old pop sensation Katy Perry is the new reigning goddess in the twitter universe. Within the last two days, Katy Perry has bagged first place in Twitter’s most-followed accounts and has left the world speechless.



The Dethroning Of Justin Bieber

Apparently Justin Bieber’s constantly growing 49.2 million ‘Beliebers, as they call it, fell short in this contest. On Saturday, Katy Perry has overthrown teen sensation Justin Bieber with her staggering 50 million + followers on the social networking site, Twitter. From the numerical standpoint, 50 million is roughly 0.7% of the people in the world, and also the total population of South Korea. That is a huge amount of people. From the Bieber standpoint, he’ll need nearly 800,000 more Beliebers to win this race.



Previous Feats

Katy Perry’s journey to the top of the list involved a lot of outstripping. July 2013 saw her trouncing former queen of Twitter Lady Gaga, sending her to third place with her 41 supporters.

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What makes her Twiter account so widely adored is her continuous open social contact with the followers, and coordination of multiple social campaigns through the network. She even used Twitter as a tool to market her newest releases. Also, Perry’s tweets get retweeted like wildfire, numbering upto 660,000.



The Contenders

Twitter has increasingly become very Music-centric, owing to more than 1 billion tweets that are solely about music of some kind, and at least 100 million accounts connected to the musical industry.

With these figures it is no surprise that the top five most followed Twitter accounts all belong to singers, with the exception of the President of the USA, but it’s likely he’s a bathroom singer.




Source: BBC

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