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Unconventional iPhone 6 Case: Radius V2

Radius V" Case iPhone6

Alessandro Ilarda

Dec 10, 2014

If you’re an iPhone owner, chances are that you’re in a constant dilemma: how do I protect my phone while showing off its superior design? The answer lies in Radius V2, an extremely sleek cover for your iPhone 6. It’s crafted from aluminium to hook on to the corners of your phone, forming an X-frame to hold it together.

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Cover With The Least Coverage

Half the beauty of an apple product is in its unmatched visual appeal. Regular phone covers don’t allow you to fully experience its tactile aesthetics. The Radius, with its extremely light-weight aluminum frame, accentuates the design of the phone, while protecting its most vulnerable areas.

It consists of four modules that fit snugly onto each corner, barely covering the sleep and volume buttons on the sides. A signature X-frame holds these piece together, leaving the back of the phone (more importantly, the apple logo) almost completely exposed.

X Marks The Spot

The X frame of the Radius V2, along with the curved corner modules, keeps the phone slightly raised from any surface you mount it on. Even when on its front, the screen is kept elevated, thanks to the corner modules. This means no scratches, and no hindrance to the touch screen.

DIY Minimal Construction

The Radius V2 comes in a no-fuss box, with extra screws and an allen wrench. All you need to do is screw two sides out to slip in your iPhone, and then secure them back on. The structure of the Radius V2 weighs a mere 4.4 grams, making it extremely easy to put together, and doesn’t add bulk to your lithe phone. It’s made of an aircraft grade aluminum, and the insides of the corner modules have a non-slip lining material that provide grip and absorb vibration. It is available in three finishes – all polished, red and polished, and all gold.

Radius V" Case iPhone6

Radius V" Case iPhone6

Radius V" Case iPhone6

Radius V" Case iPhone6



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