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#iPhone 5S Gold Metal Mastered (Ad)

Sheldon Ferrao

Oct 21, 2013

After the 5c launch, Apple has released its new television spot for the gold iPhone 5s.

Following the same pattern as its budget-friendly model’s “Plastic Perfected” television spot, the 30-second commercial records molten-hot gold solidifying into the shape of the iPhone 5s. At the end, a finger unlocks the phone using the new fingerprint scanner feature.

The 5c song choice uses “Rill Rill” by Sleigh Bells, which is consistent with the fun and cheeriness song choice for the “For the Colorful” television spots. The 5s takes a more chic and avant-garde approach, deciding to ironically use “Oh La La” by Goldfrapp.

Are you a fan of the new iPhone commercial?

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