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Imagining What A Holographic iPhone Would Look Like

Alessandro Ilarda

May 25, 2014

Hailing from Los Angeles, United States, Mike Ko is a 3D artist who is the creative genius behind this impressive live action animation of the concept of what a holographic iPhone would look like. As a graduation project for the Otis College of Art And Design where he studies, Mike created this concept called the iPhone Diorama.

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How It Was Made

The live action animation of the holographic iPhone took Mike about three months to produce, and features a group of buildings springing from the Smartphone. A car skids around the corner of the iPhone’s glass screen as the neighborhood seems to project out from the phone.

The Real Technology

What would make holographs a reality on the iPhone would be the use of lasers, infrared sensors or parabolic mirror assemblies. While the technology is still being explored in the real world, it is definitely interesting to conceptualize a holographic iPhone.

Apple’s Plans

According to the Apple patent, the technology may or may not be implemented – there are no confirmations on the issue. Mike Ko has previously rendered animations for Google, Nike, Toyota and NASCAR previously.

The iPhone Diorama

Titled iPhone Diorama, the clip simulates a holographic iPhone capable of conjuring images from its screen and making them look like they are floating in the air. The short clip is rather adorable and makes you wonder what it would be like to reach into the image and move the tiny cars around with your hands.

Years Away

Even though Apple has scored a patent for a holographic screen, the real deal could take a lot of years to materialize. Nevertheless, Mike’s 3D animation video is very victorious visually and has helped viewers picture how an iPhone with this technology works. The clip is nothing short of amazing, showing a small car riding around the city, surrounded by cute buildings and even some people popping up along the way.









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