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HootSuite Uses ‘The Games Of Thrones’ To Get Ahead Of The Game

Alessandro Ilarda

Apr 12, 2014

Much like the different Nobel houses in ‘The Game of Thrones’, social networking websites are too in constant battle with each other, or at least that is what is assumed in this HootSuite advert.

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HootSuite To Save The Day

The social networking depicted in this advert include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, WhatsApp, Twitter, Google, YouTube, and Snapchat. The concept behind this advert is that HootSuite unites all of the houses of social networking websites into one platform, the HootSuite webpage.

No One Is Trusted In Westeros!

Not even HootSuite, they claim to be above the cutthroat battles between social networking website and that they are the savior, but this is a deception. HootSuite is not the first website that combines all social network platforms. The truth is that the competition faced by HootSuite is more fierce than what social networking platforms face.

The Iron Throne

So there are many apps like HootSuite, fighting to become the app that people use for accesses all of their social networks. So how to you get the people on your app? Well the same way you take over the Iron Throne, by war. Apps go to war through advertisement, and this advert is a great example of the cutthroat game that HootSuite is playing.


Adverts are tricky to execute, you will need to do it without directing your viewers to your competition, that mean you cannot even mention them. So, instead of placing competitor websites as Nobel houses, social networking websites are used, which is ok because it tells the viewers what your website does. The odd thing is that Facebook, Google, WhatsApp, LinkIn, and Youtube are not even competing – they serve very different purposes.









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