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Hisy: A Remote To Take Your Selfies For You

Vishal Khan

Apr 22, 2014

The Selfie craze as you all know, is upon us and definitely here to stay. Keeping that in mind, developers have been trying their best to create and design devices that can aid in the process of selfie-taking.

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Taking a selfie is a hard task, and one of the biggest limitations is undoubtedly the length of your arms, unless of course, you’re elastic like Mr. Fantastic. Introducing Hisy, a super-cute remote that takes your selfies for you!

Tiny And Bluetooth-Enabled

Hisy is the size of a coin, making it easy to work with, and is Bluetooth-enabled. Your selfies will now look like they were taken by a professional photographer or a bad one (depending on how good you are at it, wink). All you need to do is pair your iPhone with Hisy via Bluetooth, and trigger your camera from upto 30m (90 ft) away.

Compatibility And Features

Hisy can be used to capture videos as well, and records sounds with the help of a headphone jack attachment. Compatible with all the newest devices by Apple, Hisy has a great battery life of two years, ensuring you never run of out selfies to take.

Remote Shutter

Operating like a simple remote, Hisy lets you take your selfie hands-free. Its remote shutter will guarantee you click a high quality selfie, and you can even hold your phone in  your hand if you want unique angles.

Use For Group Pictures

Hisy is a huge help in group selfies, because it not only makes sure everyone is in the picture, but also that everyone has the photo in their phone right away too. With all your friends in the frame and you, and with everyone holding their own Hisy remote, it would make for one great group selfie. Priced at $25, Hisy is a great buy all in all.









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