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Happy Holidays From 2,000 iPhone 5S Smartphones

Watch 2,000 iPhones 5s overturned like dominoes to wish everyone Happy Holidays

Desmond Swamy

Dec 25, 2013

Why text your friends “Happy Holidays” from your iPhone when you can greet them with 2.000 iPhones? A viral video from Aatma Studios has created an epic demonstration of 2,000 iPhone 5S devices falling like dominos to reveal a festive message.

Aatma Studio is a company that releases many viral iPhone concepts, generated through various lighting affects through a computer (the company did not purchase 2,000 phones).  The company specializes in animation and digital content, in order to produce computer-generated imagery. According to Pramod Modi Shantharam (CEO and animation director at Aatma Studio), Aatma Studio “modeled, animated and rendered computer-generated phones, where the footage was used as a background and the phones were composited over it”.

NFC technology transferred the lighting from one phone to another, similar to another experiment performed showing a domino-effect with 10,000 iPhones.







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