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Guy Makes Statues Take Selfies With His Camera


Valerio Spagnuolo

Sep 8, 2014

The selfies fad has gotten so popular that it has found its way into the Greek and the Roman era. That’s right! In an almost surreal time travel event, a series of pictures were leaked on the internet of these Greek and Roman gods taking a self portrait in what looks like a modern day setting.

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The Selfies Fad

A photographer who was visiting the Crawford Art Gallery in Cork, Ireland, had this bizarrely awesome idea of documenting his visit to the museum. He strategically placed a point-and-shoot camera near the statues that are replicas of the original masterpieces.

Reddit And Internet Trends

The series of selfies create an amusing bridge between the 21st century and the classical period. The statues happen to be sculpted with their arms stretched out, and in most cases, looking towards the direction of either palm.

The photographer, a Reddit user, who goes by the handle Jazus ur lookin well, uploaded the pictures to the social networking site less than a month ago. Reddit has been home to many internet trends that went viral and this is definitely one of the top picks.

Do It Yourself

If facing a few odd stares don’t bother you much, this is an activity anybody can try and successfully pull off. In this case, the elongated arms of the sculptures did play an important role in getting that perfect snapshot.

But there’s a certain amount of strategy that will go into placing the camera, but once you get the hang of it, this is something you can have a lot of fun with. Having said that, make sure you stay responsible and not touch the art.






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