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GoTenna – The SOS Wand

goTenna from goTenna on Vimeo.

Vishal Khan

Jul 30, 2014

If you take regular jaunts into the wilderness you would have definitely come across situations where you need to use the maps to find a location but couldn’t because you had no network. Or you were at a concert and lost track of your friends and your messages weren’t going through. With goTenna, no network is no longer a problem.

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Need Help Finding Your Friends

It’s easy to get lost on camping trips and if you’re not a natural trekker, or haven’t chosen to leave a trail of markings behind you, it’s hard to find your way back. GoTenna helps you out, even in corners where satellites can’t help. With the help of Bluetooth GoTenna enables your phone to send messages and GPS locations within a 9 mile radius to other GoTennas in the area, and working cell phones. So you get help when needed.

Not Just For The Wilderness

Not only does goTenna work in the jungle, but it also works great in the concrete jungle. It creates a low-frequency radio wave around your iPhone or Android that has the reach of 1 mile, even when surrounded by tall buildings. It also ensures your messages get through in crowded areas where cellphone networks are jammed due to too much traffic.

Everything Is Secure

You can safely send anything over the goTenna without having to worry about it being traced back to you. GoTenna is absolutely safe and secure, and the perfect gizmo if you’re a covert spy on an undercover mission!










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