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Galaxy Alpha – Samsung’s Terrified Of iPhone 6

Vishal Khan

Sep 4, 2014

Samsung has previously been accused of plagiarizing Apple products and has been blamed for patent infringement in 2011. Even though their case seemed arguable back then, it’s pretty evident that the South Korean multinational company is trying to tap into the Apple market. Samsung has been seen adapting certain things that Apple has always refused to let go. One such thing was the screen size.

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Apple And Its Individuality

It seems as though every day now, a new smartphone comes into the market claiming to have a camera with a higher camera-pixel count and a display, bigger than its competitor. These are two things Apple doesn’t seem to budge on. Although the cameras use newer technology, they have never matched the pixel count that their biggest competitors, Sony and Samsung, bring with their devices.  The size of display has also pretty much remained the same over the course of their evolution.

What Looks Like A Downgrade

Samsung, in a bold move, has launched the Galaxy Alpha, a metal framed, 4.7-inch phone, just like the iPhone. The reason behind this move is unknown although Android loyalists are pretty disappointed with the decision. With strong sentiments accusing Samsung of reactionary cowardice, the Android loyalists swear to have nothing to do with the latest Samsung has to offer.

The Power It Packs

The Galaxy Alpha comes with a metal frame, and looks very similar to an iPhone. Announced earlier this month, the Alpha comes with 720p resolution, fingerprint sensor, and 2 GB RAM with 32 GB internal memory. It also packs quad core 1.8ghz processing power, a primary camera of 12 MP and front camera of 2.1 MP.








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