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Encash your Fuel Points – Fuelbox By Nike


Vishal Khan

Aug 10, 2014

To promote their wearable fitness tracker, Nike cleverly hides several ‘Fuelboxes‘ across New York City.  Let’s find out how they got their loyalists running!

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Get Active With Nike

The American Multinational giant never fails to impress. Not only are their designs fabulous and the products largely comfortable, but they also do so with their smart gimmicks. Here’s one such idea – the ‘Fuelbox‘.

Mostly Filled with active gear and accessories for the same like socks, shirts and hats, Nike launched the Fuelbox. Much like the name, the Fuelbox is an automated dispenser that gives away the contents of the box in exchange for fuel points accumulated on your Fuelband.

The ‘Where and How’

Nike strategically hid these boxes across New York City to attract the loyalists and give them a little reward for not only being loyal, but also for all the sweat and energy they saved as fuel in their Fuelbands. The Fuelbox collects information based on the amount of fuel you have generated on your fuelband and accordingly rewards you with  gear.

The Catch

While it’s easy to use and seems overly rewarding, Nike seems to have given some thought to the idea and decided to make the loyalists work for it on a daily basis. To keep it fresh and the flow going steady, the Fuelbox only recognizes and accepts fuel points collected in a 24 hour window.

So if you’ve always been loyal to this reputed brand, then you would probably find this promotional gimmick rather interesting. So why don’t you get running too? Maybe you’ll land some goodies yourself!






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