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EasyBreath Snorkeling Mask

Valerio Spagnuolo

Mar 4, 2014

Ever had that experience when went snorkeling and you had to force yourself to breathe from your mouth? Now you never will, because this awesome product is here to save the day. The Tribord EasyBreath Snorkel Mask lets you breathe normally by keeping your nose as well as your mouth open.

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As humans, we are very used to using our noses for breathing, but when you’re underwater, you have to make that sudden transition from nose to mouth, and it is rather uncomfortable. That’s why you need to get yourself an EasyBreath Snorkel Mask before you go on your next diving adventure.

Additional Exciting Features

The Tribord Snorkel Mask doesn’t just stop at providing you space to breath from both nose and mouth. It even offers a 180-degree wide field of vision, which means you won’t have to squint through the water anymore. Also included is a double air-flow system similar to the ones used in domestic extraction fans that is designed to instantly remove moist air from the mask to prevent fogging up.

Hygienic And Comfortable

You know how unappetizing the mouthpiece of a traditional snorkel can get, not to mention uncomfortable. The Tribord Snorkel Mask eliminates all such problems giving you a pleasant underwater breathing experience. A very conspicuous top part is incorporated into the snorke to ensure you won’t encounter any collisions on the surface.

Composition And Sizes

The rim of the Tribord Snorkel Mask is made of polypropylene and the skirt is made of silicone. It is available in two adult sizes as of this year, with kiddie-versions to follow in 2015.

Colours And Price

Weighing 550g, these snorkel masks are available in vibrant colours of translucent atoll, translucent purple and translucent blue. The Tribord Snorkel Mask is expected to cost about 39.95 Euros.







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