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Easy To Use Breathalyzer For iPhone + Android

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Sheldon Ferrao

Dec 30, 2013

Lapka has developed a simplistic breathalyzer for those attempting to determine whether their sobriety is under the legal limit to drive.

Known as the Lapka Bam Breathalyzer its minimalistic design was created to toss away the 20 page manuals, ugly square objects with tubes to blow in, and also that possible DUI.   The breathalyzer consists of a black ceramic cylindrical tube, which serves as the breathalyzer. It directly connects via a smartphone/tablet app.

Simply grab the object and blow into the tube, and the app will let the user know their current level of intoxication and the time it was taken. Within 4 seconds the results are in and users will know whether their Blood Alcohol Content is legal to drive. Everything is synced wirelessly and only needs to be recharged once every 2-3 months

3 issues existed with the previous models:

  1. Sanitation- Lips never have to touch anything but your own hand, rather than an unsanitary tube
  2. Design- its palm-sized cylindrical and monotone design is aesthetically pleasing and can be used discretely
  3. Functionality- its connection directly to an iOS or Android device via an app, makes it easy to use

Download the app via Google Play or Apple’s App Store and buy the device on their website for $200. 

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