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Drive Less? Save More!

Valerio Spagnuolo

Jul 26, 2014

If you drive less than 10,000 miles a year, it doesn’t make sense for you to pay as much auto insurance as you do. Until Metromile, insurance companies had no way of knowing how much a person drove. So they charged everybody the same rate, which is fine for drivers who exceed the limit, but unfair to the rest. Not anymore!

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Save $500/Year

Driving around in the city isn’t easy, with the traffic and fuel prices always rising. So many of us choose to carpool or use public transport. But if you own a car, whether you drive it or not, you pay insurance on it anyways. Metromile is the first insurance company which chooses to charge you based on the miles you rack up on the odometer. With a low base rate, they charge you per mile driven and you could end up saving up to $500 a year if you drive less that 10,000 miles.

Diagnose Your Car

Like computers have USB ports, cars have OBD (On Board Diagnostic) ports. You can plug in Metromile’s little gizmo Metronome into it and it will help you track your fuel consumption and fuel levels. If your car breaks down, it can pinpoint the problem and transfer data to Metromile’s mechanics and staff, who can use it to estimate the cost of repairs.

Beat Street Sweepers

By tracking the location of your car Metromile not only remembers where you parked, it also sends you alerts about street-sweeper routes to help you avoid parking tickets, and save another extra buck.






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