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Daryna Kossar’s Social Media Food Photography


Alessandro Ilarda

Jun 12, 2014

An impressive photographer and designer, Daryna Kossar hails from Ukraine and posts some of the most fascinating works of food art on her Instagram account. Standing out with her elaborate creative use of food for drawing caricatures, Daryna draws inspiration from little things she sees every day.

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Daryna’s last photo project involves a portrayal of endless and artistic imagination, and a healthy amount of playing with food.

An Eatable Project

Once you lay your eyes on one of her Daryna’s creations, you’ll instantly want more and will have to force yourself not to eat it. She uses food items like blueberries, cookies, coffee, bread, and sugar cubes among others, and lipstick and mascara for highlighting.

Creative Arrangement

Although you’d probably assume right away that the assemblage is all about creative arrangement, its more about the artistic potential of everyday objects. Her works include an Instagram icon made out of bread, a cute dress with some fishes around it, a Pinterest logo made out of pomegranate and fishes in lemons.

Colors And Imagination

Daryna’s work is bubbling with colors and imagination, and her inclusion of social media-inspired logos is truly adorable. The best part is, she is all for her fans using her expertise to create similar little artworks of their own. Time-lapse videos of many of her edible creations are provided by Daryna on her YouTube channel for assistance.

Tasty News

By rendering Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram in food, Daryna seems to stress the fact that social media networks always have tasty morsels of news and images, satiating viewers every day. A truly mouthwatering experience, the recreated logos make use of bread, a cup of coffee, Nutella and some candy among others.

Playfully Scrumptious

While Instagram has increasingly become the go-to place for sharing pictures of your meals with your followers, this sure gives the trend an edge. The icons made out of food are not just worthy of every Smartphone screen, but also remind you to post a picture of your dinner.










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