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COVR Photo – the iPhone Case That Has A Camera Lens

Alessandro Ilarda

Apr 24, 2014

An iPhone case for the visually-driven, the COVR Photo Lens Case is one of those accessories that you simply must own. Equipped with a built-in lens to make it easy for newbies as well as experts in the field of photography to capture great pictures from everyday moments, this case is a tool and a cover in one piece.

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The Coolest Accessory

Perfect for capturing the beautiful moments of everyday life, the COVR Photo is a distinct accessory for your phone, providing great functionality as well as protection. The product is still awaiting patent confirmation. The Right This Minute show that airs on KIRO Channel 7 featured the COVR Photo case, where it was reviewed as one of the coolest innovations from the internet.

How It Works

In simple words, the COVR Photo Case is a protective cover for your iPhone but with the added functionality of a camera lens built into its frame. To use, fix the case on your iPhone, download the supporting COVR app from the App Store, and get ready to shoot some fantastic photos and videos.

Always Shoot-Ready

Yes, your iPhone does have its own camera, but the only problem is that it’s not always shoot-ready. Which means that there is always that possibility that you will miss a special moment. COVR solves this problem for you, whether you are a parent or a professional photographer, and lets you snap pictures in moments.

Giving You Choices

Since your iPhone has a camera of its own, you might want to make use of it too from time to time. With the COVR Photo case, you are given a choice to click pictures with the standard iPhone camera lens, or from a different angle with the COVR Photo lens, by simply sliding it on. What’s more, the COVR lens is simple and unobtrusive, making you the inconspicuous little photographer that you want to be.








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