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Coca Cola Mr. Lucky – Giving Out £1000 Anonymously

Vishal Khan

Mar 18, 2014

What would you do if you came to a point in our life where you are making way more money than you’ll ever need? Go on a world tour? Buy yourself the fanciest house? Shop like there’s no tomorrow? What about when you’re done with all of that and there’s still so much money left? Read on to find out what this guy did.

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The man you are about to know about prefers to remain anonymous, so that’s the way it shall be. This millionaire from London, England, has much more money than he could possibly need. So, he decided to anonymously give £1000 to complete strangers every day.

Passing On The Good Luck

Of course you’ve heard of stories where people became millionaires out of sheer luck. Well, this man is quite aware of the concept too, and wants to benefit kind strangers he comes across. He believes that by doing this little act of generosity, he is passing along his good luck.

A Lucky Envelope

The millionaire hands out envelopes that read You Are Lucky’, filled with a whole lot of money to his lucky recipients. So far, he has given out at least £100,000 to strangers he has encountered in every part of the world.

The Responsibility

Of course, good things don’t come for free. All this man asks in return is that the recipient does something phenomenally good with the money. He explains his project to every beneficiary and gives them up to four days to get back in touch with him on his Twitter account.

The WeAreLucky Project

After resigning from the insurance company that he worked with, Mr.Lucky, as he likes to call himself, came up with the WeAreLucky Project. He canceled his initial plan of using his excess money to take a flight to space after coming across his friends’ ideas of what they would do in his place.







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