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Chinese Peaches Dressed In Lingerie Look Like Sexy Butts


Vishal Khan

Sep 9, 2014

Using sexual connotation in marketing techniques is not something the world has never seen. Right from clothing to deodorants, you will see a whole list of brands leveraging the sales of their products by engaging the audience with sexual innuendo. Taking it one step ahead, a businessman from Nanjigroceryng has taken this technique to the grocery stores in China.

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Where Do We Draw The Line?

Yao Yuan, an entrepreneur from Nanjing, East China, had the one-part-cute, two-part-creepy idea of dressing a ‘ripe’ production of peaches in knickers. With the Qixi festival, an equivalent of Valentine’s day in China, fast approaching, the idea was intended to boost sales and make the perfect present. Well, perfect present or not, it definitely seems to be increasing business, with sales expected to hit the roof as the festival closes in.

Not To Everyone’s Taste

Packaging has always been one of the key factors in defining the personality of a product and driving sales, but there’s something extremely unappetizing about disguising an eatable to look like a woman’s bottom. Mr. Yao Yuan however seems to look at it differently and his buyers seem to agree. He finds it to be the perfect present because they are sweet, tasty, sexy and funny.

Let’s Talk Numbers

A box of 9 peaches is priced at a whopping 498 Yuan (close to 5,000 INR) but that doesn’t seem to dull the sales one bit. The demand for the gift package has been so high, the company has not been able to produce enough to match it.





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