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CES 2014 Trends: What To Expect In Las Vegas

ces_2014 Hashslush

Sheldon Ferrao

Jan 4, 2014

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2014 is the Fifa World Cup for technology. Running January 7th-10th this year, this trade-show will feature some of the hottest companies, industry professionals, electronics, celebrities, and technologies.

The following consumer technology markets will be featured during this year’s grand show:

Automotive Electronics
Computer Hardware & Software
Connected Home
Content Distribution
Digital Health and Fitness
Digital Imaging/Photography
Electronic Gaming
Emerging Technology
Internet-Based Multimedia Systems
Lifestyle Electronics
Wireless & Wireless Devices


Some of they keynote presenters, involve industry leaders including:

Celebrities expected to debut products or perform include Fleetwood Mac, Dave Matthews, Lynyrd Skynyrd, 50 Cent, Pharrell Williams, Tim Tebow, and Maria Menounos.

Here are some of the expected trends for CES 2014:

Smart Homes

Expect to see a rise in digitally controllable household items. With items likes Nest’s smart-phone connected smoke detector and the iKettle, garnering significant attention, this year expect the home to become digitally connected.



CES will see a growth in tablets and expect to see less computers. The rise of hybrid touchscreen + keyboard will be more dominant this year.

Sony Vaio Duo 11

Digitally Integrated Cars

Android integration with Hyundai and Kia or BMW’s i8 computerized key are just the beginning. iPhone and Android Nissan’s 100% electric LEAF can already be turned on and warmed up from your phone



Advanced TVs

Gone are the days for flat panelled and straight televisions. Samsung and LG have been experimenting with curved displays on their phones and televisions. Also expect the introduction of 4K resolution televisions to be a prominent feature.Samsung_KN55S9_4_above Samsung-KN55S9C-OLED-TV-002-640x426

Wearable Technology

With this market still in its early stages, the development of Google Glass, Pebble Smartwatch, and the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Gear, are all setting the tone for CES 2014. Expect more advancements in apps, technology, and fashion- but nothing too grandiose as it is still relatively new.

Galaxy Gear CES 2014

pebble-smartwatch CES 2014

Digital Health

300 of the 3300 exhibitors are focused on digital health at CES. Personal health-monitoring systems that will be highly integrated with smartphones. Items like the Myo Armband gives us a glimpse of what may be.

MYO-computer-armband CES 2014

The infamous trades show is days away, which trend are you most excited about and expect to see the biggest breakthrough?

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