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Bunch O Balloons – Bunch Of Fun

Valerio Spagnuolo

Aug 1, 2014

Dad of eight, Josh Malone, was exhausted trying to fill up and tie all the water balloons to keep his kids happy. That was when he came up with the idea for Bunch O Ballons. It  made his life a lot easier and now he wants to bring this little pleasure to everyone’s houses.

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Trying And Failing

Although he has perfected the product now, it wasn’t an easy road and his first few attempts to create Bunch O Balloons ended in disaster. When he chose to use mini marshmallows as stoppers, it was quite naive. But it didn’t take him long to figure out rubber tubes were a better bet than the sweet confectionary to fill water in the balloons.

100 Balloons Per Minute

How many balloons do you think you could fill up and tie in a minute? About 10? With Bunch O Balloons you could fill up as many as 100 balloons in that time. All you have to do is connect the Bunch O Balloons to the hose, and it will fill up the balloons with water in seconds. To ensure that none go to waste, it’s advised that you have a bucket ready to drop them in once they’re done. They will fall into it with a gentle shake.

Exceeding Expectations

With an original goal of $10,000, Bunch O Balloons has far exceeded expectations. At the time of writing it has already raised over $550,000 with 14,000 backers. It still has 3 weeks left to see how much more money it can raise.







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