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Best Automotive Ads From The Detroit Auto Show 2014


Alessandro Ilarda

Jan 23, 2014

The Detroit Auto Show had more than just cars – it had some marketing gems too. After all, the automotive industry is dominated by those who sell smart. Here’s a look at the top 5 award winners from the show.

Interactive – Hyundai’s ‘Driveway Decision Maker’

Hyundai’s interactive driveway decision maker was inspired by the success of the 2012 ‘North American Car Of The Year’, the Elantra. This ad was for the two new Elantra models, the Coupe and the GT, and allowed buyers to try out both cars virtually.

Experiential – BMW’s ‘A Window Into The Near Future’

This experiential promotional event was a real head turner, and possibly even a traffic halter. Using 80,000 lumens, 3 cameras and an intelligent car tracking application, BMW made each car driving through downtown manhattan look like a car from the i series on a screen.

Experiential – Toyota’s ‘Tundra Endeavour Campaign’

Toyota’s campaign was tied in the experiential category with BMW’s ‘A Window Into The Near Future’. They took their inspiration for this campaign from their strong relationship with the California Science Center, and the ad showcases the V8 Tundra towing a space shuttle across the 405 freeway.

Online – Honda’s ‘Sound Of Honda/Ayrton Senna 1989’

If you spend any time online, chances are you’ve already seen Honda’s thrilling tribute to Ayrton Senna. What you probably didn’t know was that the ad also showcased Honda’s car-navigation system, named ‘Internavi’.

Television – Honda’s ‘Hands’

We dare you to stop watching Honda’s television ad that grabbed the Japanese giant its second award. The entire point of the ad was to showcase Honda’s entire range of products, and it’s done that with style and impressive special effects. You’ll see everything from Honda’s lawnmowers to their superbikes.

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