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Bebo- Video Talkie

Valerio Spagnuolo

Jul 22, 2014

Most of you social media savvy users might be too young to remember Bebo, but it once was one of the most popular social networking sites on the interwebs.

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It predates Facebook and Twitter, and was considered the most visited website in, well, Ireland! Buckling under the competition with its owners, Criterion Capital Publishing declared bankruptcy, and the site was reacquired by founders, Michael and Xochi Birch.

Getting Cleaned Up

In an effort to “wipe the slate clean” as stated by Michael Birch in a recent video, Bebo is revamping itself, no longer a social networking site, but as a publisher of Social Apps.

The first of these is BLAB, a video walkie-talkie app that allows you to record and send videos to friends, who don’t necessarily have to be users of the app to receive the messages. Entering the already swamped market of instant messaging the video chats, it’s trying to compete by being the easiest to use.

Hold. Record. Let Go. Send.

Unlike most video messaging apps that require your undivided attention, BLAB emphasizes on the fun aspect. It’s lightweight, on the go, and on demand. Shaan Puri, the super ambition CEO of Monkey Inferno (the parent company), believes it’s an app 100 million+ people would love to use.

Coming Soon

Bebo have planned to launch their second app for the year in July, with plans to launch a third later the same year, with sneak peeks available for Bebo Insiders.





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