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Apple’s CarPlay Integrated In Volvo


Vishal Khan

Apr 30, 2014

After long anticipation and many prototypes, Apple finally teamed up with Volvo to offer the first public demonstration of CarPlay, held in the U.S. after it was introduced at the International Motor Show in Geneva this March, the in-car operating system was shown off at the International Auto Show in New York that took place on 16 April 2014.

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Integration With Volvo

The presentation simply showed a standalone CarPlay unit, one that wasn’t affixed inside a Volvo car. Yet, the integration of the hardware and software of Volvo with the system was demonstrated extensively, giving you an in-depth hands-on of the system.

Interface And Applications

CarPlay is touchscreen-enabled, and the home page contains applications just like a regular iPhone does. Those familiar with Apple’s iOS will face no difficulties in operating CarPlay because the interface is pretty much identical.

Swiping And Navigating

Perhaps the only difference between CarPlay and your iPhone is that the in-car system doesn’t have access to all the functions of a regular iPhone. But it does incorporate most of them. Changing menus requires a swipe of the screen, and when you switch between applications, you will notice no lag time.

Performance And Maps

Integrated with Siri voice, CarPlay works exactly as it was advertised – giving you access instantly to phone, messages, music or maps applications. Talking to your car is a redefined experience with CarPlay, and you can simply specify your destination to get the best route along with many other options.

Safety And Distraction

Although most of CarPlay’s functionality is voice-driven, it’s pretty irresistible to not look at the screen, simply because it is so attractive. You might find yourself being compelled to stare at the exquisite graphics of the interface from time to time, and this could soon start to pose a risk. But with both Apple and Volvo working hard to prevent distracted driving, safety will soon be guaranteed.

The Debut Vehicle

The first vehicle by Volvo to be integrated with Apple CarPlay will be the Volvo XC90 SUV, all set to make its debut in late 2014.









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