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iPad “Max” and iPhone 6 Rumored For 2014


Desmond Swamy

Dec 24, 2013

It seems appropriate that the New Year should be paired with a new Apple rumor: focusing on the iPad “Max” and iPhone 6.

According to Digitimes, Apple is rumored to release the  iPad “Max” and iPhone 6 in 2014. The 12.9″ iPad tablet is reported to be released in late in 2014. This news comes as Samsung is reportedly releasing similar sized tablets in 2014, a move which will definitely affect the demand for mid-sized laptops. The large iPad will be manufactured but a Taiwanese manufacturing company, Quanta Computer, according to “sources from the upstream supply chain”. Apple plans to target the educational market with these large tablets, in order to provide better content creation tools and surface area for students.

The rumors also include the much anticipated iPhone 6, reportedly becoming available in March 2104. Although the new iPhone 5S and 5C recently made their debut, Apple feels the pressure to produce a larger-screened smartphone in order to closely compete with Samsung. Apple’s recent deal with China Mobile sees the company entering a new market with demands that will pressure the Californian company. It comes with no doubt that future rumors like these will keep smartphone and tablet enthusiasts on their toes.




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