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Amazing uses of Internet that helps Mind Readers to do magic things


Vishal Khan

Sep 16, 2013

If a baby starts to cry several hours after drinking his last bottle, his mother knows precisely what he’s feeling: He’s hungry. But suppose a woman’s eyes brim with tears while she watches a DVD. Her husband sinks into the couch: What is she so upset about? She might tell him directly: “This movie is so tragic. It’s all about a doomed romance.” That may be true. But she could be thinking about how the story reminds her of her own marital troubles. Maybe she’s feeling hurt because she thinks her husband should realize what’s bothering her and acknowledge it. Or maybe she isn’t even aware that her real-world concerns are intensifying her reaction to the fictional couple. But how Mind Reader can say about your daily life at a glance? Did you ever think about it? I think not. You’ll be surprise to hear that there are magic behind the magic. Lets see what’s the magic!

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