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ADIDAS Primeknit Technology

Vishal Khan

Mar 4, 2014

Unveiling the first knitted football boot on the planet, Adidas makes its advent into the world of skin fit shoes. The first of this series is called the Samba Primeknit, and showcases a completely knitted boot from heel to toe.

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This technology merges the flexibility of playing shoe-less and the steadiness that a boot provides. Made out of a special kind of yarn, the boot guarantees resistance to water.

Why Primeknit Is The Coolest

Adidas claims the Primeknit is its single most sustainable footwear because of the fact that its entire body is knitted out of high quality material. The futuristic technology applied to this boot is innovative to say the least, and will see a lot of success in football, pioneering in comfort and stability.

The Face Of Primeknit

World-famous footballer from the Liverpool Club, Luis Suarez, will be the first person to wear these dream shoes at their match against Manchester United on 16 March. He is the official ambassador for the product.

Fears And Competition

A lot of critics are afraid that the boot will not be able to provide enough protection to football players from injuries. Markus Baumann, the senior vice president of Adidas as well as the president for global football, has suppressed such fears stating that Adidas takes great care in developing its products, with the player being the centre of focus.

Colors And Availability

The Samba Primeknit knitted shoes are expected to release in colors blue, orange, pink and green. Feeling more or less like wearing a second skin, these boots will provide the ultimate strength of a traditional boot. The first pair will be released on the 16 of March, with 150 pairs following it on March 17. Priced at $220, these knitted boots are sure to get over fast.










Source: Unisport

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