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Top 5 Technology Trends For 2014


Desmond Swamy

Jan 2, 2014

With 2013 all but history, the new year has tech companies investing in innovative products and technologies for the future. Below are 5 of the hottest technology trends that consumers can expect for 2014:

1. Gesture Computing

Microsoft’s Kinect has experienced huge success in the gaming division, and Kinect for Windows proves to be a valuable tool for businesses and developers in creating applications that allow their customers to interact naturally with computers by simply gesturing and speaking. Leap Motion also provides computer hardware sensor devices that respond to hand and finger motions. These lucrative technologies may play an important role in the healthcare industry, more specifically with medical imaging.

2. 4K HDTV’s (Ultra HDTV)

The newest TV’s to hit the market have a screen resolution that is 4 times greater than the standard 1080P HDTV’s we were used to in 2013. The images are sharp and crystal clear – but the prices are steep at best. We can expect the price of 4K Ultra HDTV‘s to quickly drop below $2,000 in 2014. Some media companies have begun filming in 4K, but there is currently very little 4K content available to watch. Netflix will begin shooting many of its original TV shows in Ultra HD in 2014.

3. 3D Printing

Gaining much exposure in 2013, 3D printing is a digital process that builds three-dimensional objects from a model by adding layers of material onto one another to eventually build a finished product. From 3D printed guns to 3D printed livers, 2014 will see a rapid expansion of the possibilities of 3D printing.

4. Drones

Amazon’s teaser of drones delivering packages may become a reality at some point in the future, but we probably won’t see it in 2014. What we can expect is significant progress with the Federal Aviation Association (FAA), which announced 6 locations within the US that would conduct drone testing. The concept of unmanned aircrafts is a contentious topic, but large retailers such as Amazon and FedEx will put pressure on the FAA to seriously consider the use of drones.

5. Wearable Technologies

Google Glass leads a class that provides consumers with the most personal technology to date. Other popular wearable technologies like smart-watches and clothing that provides directions are fascinating examples that don’t require you to take your smartphone out. Basically everything a smartphone can do only shrunk down enough to wear with a wristband or on your face will be huge in 2014.


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